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A pioneer in the Information Governance industry, Zasio has continued to innovate our technology and consulting services to help businesses of all sizes address their information management pain points. Our powerful suite of Versatile™ solutions allow users to work the way they want to no matter the size or scope of their needs, while our in-house team of experts offer tailored solutions to tackle a wide range of IG challenges.

Technology Solutions

Zasio’s Versatile™ suite sets the benchmark for the industry by offering solutions for every size of business with any capacity of record management needs. A host of add-ons makes each customizable to the unique needs of different enterprises.

Consulting Services

Zasio’s team of experienced analysts, licensed to practice law, provide solution-focused and research-based guidance on enterprise pain points that include records and information management, technology strategies, compliance and risk support.

Technology Support & Services

Providing superior customer service is at the heart of who we are. In fact, Zasio’s reputation stands on our commitment to a first-rate customer experience. Every technology and consulting engagement is backed by our unmatched technical support.

Experts in records management and information governance offering innovative software solutions and personalized consulting services.

Zasio is an expert in records management and information governance. With a global footprint of over 100 countries, our team of experts can help your business at every stage of your information governance program. Depending on your needs, we can collaborate with you to draft a plan, develop a retention schedule, implement records management software, and ensure your program continues to evolve with technology, laws, and regulations over time. We’re your full-service support system, every step of the way.

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ISHS Case Study

New Case Study

Idaho State Historical Society


The Idaho State Historical Society (ISHS), an extraordinary system of cultural and historical resources—including the Idaho State Archives and the State Record Center—partnered with us to implement a single, long-term sustainable records management software solution to replace three unsupported legacy systems. Read more about the project and learn how we delivered a seamless and secure records management interface and migrated 86,000 boxes and 450,000 files from their three legacy systems into a single, intuitive system.


Full Case Study

big data

New Feature Article

De-identification Standards to Protect Personal Information 


Individuals value their privacy. In contrast, businesses value the ability to leverage personal information to deliver quality products and services to meet the needs of their clients. The legal standards that regulate the protection of personal information help bridge the gap between these two opposing interests.

This article addresses when to apply de-identification, the legal standards under specific regulations for de-identifying personal information, and the effect meeting such de-identification standards has on the use of the remaining data set.



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Best Practices for Legal Research — Identifying Retention Laws that Matter


There are tens of thousands of laws and regulations pertaining to records retention. Identifying the correct and applicable laws can be costly, time consuming, and outright daunting. In this webinar, we discuss best practices for legal research that will help you gain confidence in finding relevant citations to lower costs and minimize risks. We also demonstrate how our records retention product, Versatile Retention, gives you the technology you need to achieve best practices.


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Customers that Trust Zasio


“As a public utility, our company is required to conform to local, state, and federal laws, as well as Utility Commissions requirements in several states. Zasio’s extensive experience and exhaustive research helped us to more clearly and simply define our retention requirements. Additionally, their reputation in the industry enabled our company to comfortably outsource the responsibility of the research and updates, therefore reducing resources required in-house…”

LeAnne Foster
Southwest Gas Corporation

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