Versatile Retention is a complete schedule management and research solution that gives your business total control over your retention schedule. With over 66,000 U.S. federal and state records related requirements covering general business and prevalent industries out-of-the-box, and optional North American and International subscriptions, this is the most robust solution on the market.

The Most Robust Retention Schedule

solution available on the market.

User-friendly digital records management software.

Key Features

Research Database

Find citations quickly by multiple criteria. Use full-text searching on all headers, citation text, and regulated parties. You can easily group, sort, and filter your results. We offer a North American research subscription (Canada + Mexico) and an International subscription. The Versatile Retention research database holds records related citations for general businesses, supplemented by jurisdiction specific research gathered during consulting engagements and prevalent industries covered in commonly requested jurisdictions. The above efforts extend our global research footprint to 140 countries and over 130,000 citations.


Retention Schedule Creation & Maintenance

Versatile Retention enables you to create records retention schedules at the global, company, or department level. The intuitive search engine allows you to search for citations and link them to schedule titles to show legal backing for retention rules.


Versatile Retention gives you control over updates to your retention schedule with complete change management workflow. You can initiate, edit, and approve change requests and even configure change request authorizers who are automatically notified of pending requests.


Multinational organizations will benefit from the ability to create one master schedule, easily designate which countries are covered by each schedule title, and add country-specific exceptions to the global rules. The application also stores and displays international character sets for tracking notes and rules in a country’s native language.


Versatile Retention will keep you compliant with audit history for all schedule changes and security controls to limit access. Plus, you never have to compromise security for function. Personal information is secured and configurable as user roles change.


Interview Management

The Interviews feature of Versatile Retention allows you to collect and store record title information gathered in interviews within your organization. Replace the “legal yellow notepad” and automate data gathering.


Integrated Reporting System

Versatile Retention lets you create unlimited custom reports. Customize retention schedules so you only see the data you need. The built-in Report Wizard helps you build a basic report with a few clicks of your mouse.


Live Updates*

Automatically connect to our servers daily or other defined schedule to check for the latest available citations. You are notified of new updates for review when you launch the application.

* Available if support is current

Flexible Hosting Solutions


Our online model allows you to access Versatile Retention anywhere, at any time. There is no software to install, no servers to manage, no updates to apply—all you need is a web browser.


You install our software on your servers, giving you control over configuration, security, and access as your organization requires.

Unsure which hosting solution is right for you?

This list of features can assist in your decision
FeatureVersatile RetentionVersatile Retention SaaS
Extensive Recordkeeping Legal Research
Retention Schedule Management
Stakeholder Interview Tracking
Continual Live Citation Updates
Customizable User Security
Relevant Citation Text
Integration with SharePoint and Other
Content Systems



Integrated Report System


Point-in-Time Schedule History
Change Control Workflow
Unlimited Corporate-Wide Read-Only View



Automatic Notifications


At-a-Glance Jurisdictional Exceptions
US, North American, or International Citation Packages
Direct Link to Research Analysts
On-Premises Desktop Administrator Interface
Column Filters on Citation Search Results
Cloud-Hosted Web-Based Administrator Interface
Search Term Highlighting on Citation Search Results

*Requires additional software, hardware, or configuration

Why Choose Our Versatile Solutions?

Versatile Retention is the most robust retention scheduling solution on the market.

Laws and regulations require businesses to keep various records for a certain length of time. Finding and complying with such laws has become increasingly burdensome for companies due to the growing complexity and breadth of laws. Versatile Retention provides a comprehensive solution to this business challenge.

Multinational organizations will benefit from the ability to create one master schedule, easily designate which countries are covered by each schedule title and add country-specific exceptions to the global rules. The software supports data in any language and can support displaying the user interface and menus in a language suitable to the user.

These Add-On Modules Complement Versatile Retention

Expand the Power of Versatile Retention
Notification System helps you stay up-to-date on changes in your Versatile technology solution

Providing critical notifications to individuals with a need to know is becoming a top priority within the records management industry. Send personalized emails to notify users of events occurring in Versatile. Automatic notifications may be scheduled as a timed job or triggered by virtually any business process. You can rest easy knowing that due dates and important details won’t fall through the cracks.

Versatile Fuse extends the reach of Versatile by creating connections to other systems.

Versatile Fuse extends the reach of Versatile by creating connections to other systems. For example, Fuse can send your approved retention schedule to a document management system so you can apply it to other records. Or, Fuse can publish to middleware to give other subscribing applications easy access to your data.

Digital records management through web with user-friendly records management software.

Not every person in your organization needs access to the full Versatile application, but many might need to have visibility to current retention policies and related information. With Versatile Web, allowing this general access is easy and can be done anywhere. When you add Versatile Web to Retention, you can view your retention schedules and interview data from which the records retention schedules were derived. You can even initiate and authorize change requests. Versatile Web places retention information within everyone’s reach, with minimal training.