With over 60,000 U.S. federal and state retention requirements out-of-the-box, we have some of the most robust solutions on the market. No matter the size of your business, your industry, or the capacity of your records management needs, we can help.

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Versatile Retention helps you build a schedule that fits the unique needs of your business. Enjoy the convenience of collecting record information in a single application. When you need to update your retention schedule, use the intuitive change request process to ensure key employees sign off on changes.
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Retention Int’l keeps you up-to-date on domestic and international retention laws. Our complete schedule management and legal research tool gives you everything you need to globalize record compliance initiatives. Paired with our expert consulting, you can feel confident you’re adhering to best global practices.
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Can’t decide which product is right for you?

This list of key features can help you narrow it down.
FeatureVersatile RetentionVersatile Retention Int'l
Comprehensive legal research
Retention schedule management
Record and organize interviews
Continual live citation updates
Customizable user security
Full citation text
Integration with SharePoint and other
content systems
Point-in-time schedule history
Change control workflow
Customized int’l legal research
Direct link to research analysts

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Why choose our Versatile solutions?

Our retention scheduling solutions are the most robust available on the market.

Federal and state laws require that businesses keep various records for a certain length of time. Finding and complying with such laws has become increasingly burdensome for companies due to the growing complexity and breadth of laws. Versatile Retention provides a comprehensive solution to this business challenge.

For businesses that operate globally, Versatile Retention Int’l is your complete global retention schedule management, legal research, and international consulting solution. It combines the powerful Versatile Retention Int’l software with our Consultants’ expertise and experience in international research. Our analysts are not only licensed to practice law, they are experts in the industry, holding CRMs, IGPs, and CIPP/USs and they’re your partners in success.