Versatile Professional helps you complete the records management puzzle. It has everything you need to maintain confidence in your records management program. Your goals are our top priority, so we designed a program that’s intuitive, secure, and reliable.

Versatile Professional

your virtual records management toolbox.

Versatile Professional Records Management Software

Key Features

Physical Records Management

You don’t have to be in your storage room to know which boxes are coming and going. Navigate your records from the comfort of your office using a virtual records center.

Comprehensive Security

Keep your whole team up-to-date on the state of your records without granting each person an all-access pass to your system. Assign access according to each person’s role.

Destruction Management

Organize records for destruction into individual batches. When the time comes to destroy records that have completed their lifecycle, simply process the batch.

Space Management

Versatile Professional’s space management feature displays a virtual records center with configurable aisles, bays, and shelves.

Integrated Reporting System

Versatile Professional lets you create unlimited custom reports for inventory, circulation, and destruction so you only see the data you need. The built-in Report Wizard helps you build a basic report with a few clicks of your mouse.

Retention Scheduling

Calculate retention and schedule records for physical transfer and destruction. Simply assign your record series to the file or box.

Flexible Hosting Solutions

Available On-Premises or Via the Cloud

These Add-On Modules Complement Versatile Professional

Expand the Power of Versatile Professional
Web Professional lets you access Versatile Professional from your web browser

Not every person in your organization needs access to the full Versatile application, but many might need to request access to certain records. With Versatile Web, requesting access is easy and can be done anywhere. When you add Versatile Web to Professional, for example, you can search boxes and files, as well as view corporate retention schedules. You can then send an electronic checkout request to the records center. Versatile Web places records and retention information within everyone’s reach, with minimal training.

Notification System helps you stay up-to-date on changes in your Versatile technology solution

Providing critical notifications to individuals with a need to know is becoming a top priority within the records management industry. Send personalized emails to notify users of events occurring in Versatile. Automatic notifications may be scheduled as a timed job or triggered by virtually any business process. You can rest easy knowing that due dates and important details won’t fall through the cracks.

Versatile Import lets you gather data from one or more source files and import it into your records management system.

Gather data from one or more source files and import it into your Versatile software. Mapping your data into Versatile is easy with Versatile Import. Save hours of data entry, eliminate errors, create multiple and customized templates, and even format data for consistency.

Versatile Fuse extends the reach of Versatile by creating connections to other systems.

Versatile Fuse extends the reach of Versatile by creating connections to other systems. For example, Fuse can send your approved retention schedule to a document management system so you can apply it to other records. Or, Fuse can publish to middleware to give other subscribing applications easy access to your data.

Versatile Mobile lets you use your barcode or RFID scanner to store records to locations as well as check them in and out. Once the reader is placed into a desktop cradle, the information syncs with your Versatile solution and logs the transactions. Versatile Mobile RT lets you enjoy all these same features with the additional benefit of using a Wi-Fi connection to automatically sync data to your Versatile solution in real-time.

Keep your records within reach with the Versatile Records On-The-Go app. Versatile Records On-The-Go connects wirelessly to your enterprise’s current Versatile™ technology solution, allowing users to view the status of records in real-time. Its compatibility with Zasio’s premium technology solutions creates a seamless, end-to-end records management program for your enterprise. The Versatile Records-On-The-Go app also pairs with Bluetooth RFID or barcode readers to store, check-out/in, lookup and locate records from your phone.

Looking for something more robust?

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Enterprise is designed to meet the records management needs and the information governance challenges of mid- to large-sized businesses. Enterprise has support for complex record structures and a customized user experience. Enterprise is also available in Legal Edition (LE).
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