Versatile Express is suited for small companies or a single department and ensures your records are maintained consistently and retained responsibly, by the highest standards. It’s entry-level software solution that replaces chaos with control.

Replace Chaos With Control

Manage physical records simply, right from your desktop!

Versatile Express Records Management Software

Key Features

Physical Records Management

You don’t need to be in your storage room to know which boxes are coming and going. Versatile Express makes it easy to navigate your records from the comfort of your desk.

Color Label Design System

The Versatile Color Label Designer allows you to create custom color-coded label designs for files or boxes based on data from your Versatile database—without the need to buy expensive third-party software.

Full-Text Searching

The ability to search is key to having control over your records. Versatile Express includes a full-text search engine that rivals most high-end systems. Search logic including Boolean (and, or, not, like), proximity, phrase, and wild card are all standard features.

Integrated Reporting System

Create unlimited custom reports for inventory, circulation, and destruction so you only see the data you need. The built-in Report Wizard helps you build a basic report with a few clicks.

Retention Schedules Management

Calculate and schedule records for physical transfer and destruction. Assign a record series to a file or box and the system automatically calculates transfer and destruction dates.

Imaging and Electronic Attachments

Eliminate the hard-copy circulation process by allowing users to view scanned records.

Unlimited User-Defined Fields

Contains standard and user-defined fields and tables to minimize data entry with custom screen design.

Flexible Hosting Solutions

Available On-Premises or Via the Cloud

These Add-On Modules Complement Versatile Express

Expand the Power of Versatile Express

Gather data from one or more source files and import it into your Versatile software. Mapping your data into Versatile is easy with Versatile Import. Save hours of data entry, eliminate errors, create multiple and customized templates, and even format data for consistency.

Providing critical notifications to individuals with a need to know is becoming a top priority within the records management industry. Send personalized emails to notify users of events occurring in Versatile. Automatic notifications may be scheduled as a timed job or triggered by virtually any business process. You can rest easy knowing that due dates and important details won’t fall through the cracks.

Versatile Fuse extends the reach of Versatile by creating connections to other systems. For example, Fuse can send your approved retention schedule to a document management system so you can apply it to other records. Or, Fuse can publish to middleware to give other subscribing applications easy access to your data.

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