Versatile Electronic Records Management System (ERMS) seamlessly applies the power of Versatile Enterprise’s physical records management to electronic records.

Desktop or web browser

now, the choice is yours.

Why Choose Versatile ERMS?

ERMS empowers you to organize and store electronic records in a central repository. ERMS handles it all: e-mails, word processing documents, spreadsheets, PDF files, scanned images, and more.

ERMS can integrate directly with your desktop or be accessed through a standard web browser. This allows for easy deployment company-wide so users can simply drag, copy, paste, and save directly to ERMS. Navigating folders and electronic records has never been easier!

We also know how important it is to apply your record retention policies business-wide. In ERMS, you can pre-define retention policies for each folder. Users are never burdened with policy decisions. Plus, robust folder-level security means you have complete control over who can view, add, or change documents.

It’s that simple.

Key Features & Benefits

Manage Electronic Files
Organize and store electronic records easily. ERMS even allows you to manage documents located in other repositories.

Manage Emails

Capture emails automatically or manually and classify them as records. ERMS makes it easy by tapping into the way you already organize email in folders. There’s no need to classify them from memory. If collaboration causes you headaches, ERMS can fix those too. Your team can share, search, and link email from a secure, central repository.

Microsoft Office Compatible
Integrate directly with Windows applications such as Microsoft Outlook®, Outlook 365®, and Word®

Images as Records
Manage images as records with a retention and destruction policy. Users can categorize images according to content, document sensitivity, etc. Images can also be sorted into queues by user, department, or content. Images can be scanned or loaded directly into established queues. You can also organize images in batches when you perform bulk scanning.

Load or scan images as attachments directly into files in Versatile Enterprise or Enterprise LE. View images and their properties.

View and annotate images to later associate with records. Users can draw lines and shapes, add notes, highlight text, and more.

Versatile Enterprise and Enterprise LE Integration

Integrates with Enterprise and Enterprise LE to use common retention schedules and other metadata.

Retention Scheduling
Assign retention policies ahead of time, so users don’t have to.

User Defined Customization
Create text, memos, check boxes, drop-downs, and custom list user-defined fields for custom metadata.

Revision History
Store and edit working documents with complete revision history.

Multiple Interface Options
Desktop – install ERMS directly on your desktop to easily drag and drop your electronic files.

Web Browser – access the electronic documents store in ERMS from any standard web browser – no install required. Easy to deploy company-wide.

ERMS Easily Integrates with Other Popular Content Management Repositories and Collaboration Tools