Our flagship product does it all. Best suited for mid-to large-size companies, Enterprise can support multiple users and complex record structures. You can even customize user profiles and security settings to the letter. Enterprise is the total package. Versatile Enterprise also comes in Legal Edition (LE), exclusively designed for law firms.

Key Features

Physical Records Management
Whether your files are still in use and need to be accessed regularly (“active”) or stored in boxes and put away for eventual disposition (“inactive”), Versatile Enterprise helps you track their location at all times. Records can be associated with departments and assigned to a robust file classification system.

Record Circulation Tracking
Use the circulation tracking feature to perform records request handling including tracking the status of requests, maintaining a history of custody changes, and generating and emailing “overdue” reports.

Visual Space Management
Locate records easily with Versatile Enterprise’s space management feature, which displays a virtual records center with configurable aisles, bays, and shelves. Always know the amount of available space and don’t travel to your storage room to see where your records are!

Retention Scheduling
Schedule records for physical transfer or destruction and dynamically calculate retention. Simply assign your record series to a file or box, and the system automatically calculates the transfer and destruction dates.

Disposition Management
Organize dispositions into defined batches of records that may be destroyed with a single touch when they have completed their lifecycle.

Retention Holds
Let retention holds help manage items requiring delayed disposition. Holds maintain audit details to reflect when holds are required, when they are released, and who is involved.

Audit Control
Track changes made to records transparently. You can also use this tool to “roll back” some properties of a record to a previous state.

Extensive Records Search and Retrieval
Powerful search controls provide accurate search results when looking for records, including multiple ways to view the results to best suit the scenario. With strategies and views, you can save keywords and other search filters for repeat use, share with other users, as well as customize the columns displayed when viewing results.

Robust Reporting
Create unlimited custom reports or use one of our standard templates. Customize each report so you only see the data you need. Build a basic report with a few clicks of your mouse or build out complex forms including logos and dynamic formatting.

Customizable User Profiles
Creating profiles allows you to customize fields for each user so they see only what they need to in terms that make sense to them

Role-Based Access Restrictions
Keep your whole team up-to-date on the state of your records without granting each person full-access to your system. Define custom roles
to limit access to functions and track user activity.

Multiple Language Options
Customize the software interface to display menus in any language.

Integrations with Multiple Applications
Integrate with other systems of record. You can leverage the power of Versatile’s retention processor to calculate retention dates in systems where that option doesn’t exist, or where it requires costly development of additional modules. Whether it uses a Rest API, flat files, or direct database connections, we can likely integrate with it.

Client and Matter Tracking (LE Edition)
The Legal Edition of Versatile Enterprise allows you to track client and matter details for all records dates.

Flexible Hosting Solutions

Available On-Premises or via Software-as-a-Solution (SaaS)

These Add-On Modules Complement Versatile Enterprise

Expand the Power of Versatile Enterprise

Apply the power of Versatile Enterprise’s physical records management to electronic records. ERMS (Electronic Records Management System) empowers users to easily organize and store electronic records, including e-mail, word processing documents, spreadsheets, PDF files, scanned images, and more in a central and secure repository. With ERMS, you can manage images as records. Scanned documents are not just scanned and indexed, but they are stored in Versatile Enterprise, right alongside the physical records from which they were generated. You can also apply retention schedules to folders in advance, providing consistent enforcement of record retention policies across your organization.

Gather data from one or more source files and import it into your Versatile software. Mapping your data into Versatile is easy with Versatile Import. Save hours of data entry, eliminate errors, create multiple and customized templates, and even format data for consistency.

Providing critical notifications to individuals with a need to know is becoming a top priority within the records management industry. Send personalized emails to notify users of events occurring in Versatile. Automatic notifications may be scheduled as a timed job or triggered by virtually any business process. You can rest easy knowing that due dates and important details won’t fall through the cracks.

Not every person in your organization needs access to the full Versatile application, but many might need to request access to certain records. With Versatile Corporate-Wide Access, requesting access is easy and can be done anywhere via the Web. When you add Versatile Corporate-Wide Access to Enterprise, for example, you can search boxes and files, as well as view corporate retention schedules. You can then send an electronic checkout request to the records center. Versatile Corporate-Wide Access places records and retention information within everyone’s reach, with minimal training.

OCR monitors new and updated files that are eligible to be processed, extracts the text from the document, and automatically stores it in the database for easy keyword searching. This allows documents that would not normally be searchable, such as images or scans of documents, to be as accessible as standard documents without any additional processing by the user. Because there is no client interface, after you initially configure OCR, everything runs behind the scenes. No additional work is required.

Create custom color-coded label designs for files or boxes, right from within the Versatile software. With the Color Label Designer, you can print color on your labels based on text, date, and numeric data from your Versatile database. You can also print static shapes, text, barcodes, lines, and graphics such as a company logo or any bitmap file.

Versatile Fuse extends the reach of Versatile by creating connections to other systems. For example, Fuse can send your approved retention schedule to a document management system so you can apply it to other records. Or, Fuse can publish to middleware to give other subscribing applications easy access to your data.

Versatile Mobile Package is a perfect add-on to your Versatile software and creates a seamless, end-to-end records management program that you can access from virtually anywhere. Highly mobile workers will appreciate its ability to make quick work of daily records management tasks, such as scanning barcode labels, performing records searches, and managing check-ins / check-outs.

A Records Management Solution

designed for law firms.

Versatile Enterprise LE: A Records Management Solution designed for law firms.