Mergers and Acquisitions

The merger of two or more separate companies or business units can present a daunting task for records managers. Seeking to unify the two disparate systems often creates significant pain points concerning compatibility, file structure, and naming conventions. An international credit agency recently sought our advice on building a retention schedule to cover all its existing operations and business divisions, including those recently acquired. We interviewed stakeholders at various business units within the company and merged the diverse records into a single, unified records retention schedule, using domestic and international research to validate and streamline their retention schedule.

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Inside Consulting: Simplifying, Harmonizing, and Maintaining Retention Schedules

We’re excited to highlight some of the recent engagements of our Consulting Division and the ways we’re using our expertise, resources, and thought-leadership to serve our clients and communities as we advance the practice of records management and information governance. Retention Schedule Maintenance Our experience and reputation in drafting and updating retention schedules continues to earn…