We can help you limit risk and streamline your processes

If left unaddressed, complex informational governance compliance practices can lead to non-compliance, increased risk, escalated costs, and program inefficiencies. We strategically identify ways to streamline and simplify complex processes and administrative burdens. Our team of professionals will create a path of least resistence approach to your informational governance. We’ll focus on what really matters: simplicity for success.

Records Inventory

We’ll show you how to classify records and map electronically stored data by addressing redundancies, minimizing risks, responding to e-discovery requests, and implementing litigation holds. Overall, you’ll see a simplified program that is easy to follow and that just works.

Records Retention Creation

There are extensive laws and regulations that govern how you retain, possess, protect, and destroy records. If you fail to capture and retain records your company generates, you’ll create legal and operations risks. We have extensive experience developing and fine-tuning retention schedules, with a focus on simplicity to support your business and work culture.

Globalization & Harmonization

We’ll help you harmonize jurisdictional requirements with your global retention schedule. Globalization of records management initiatives is at or near the top of the agendas of nearly all our multi-national clients. We have the best expertise and resources in the U.S. to address these requirements. We frequently perform legal research to discover recordkeeping requirements in countries outside the U.S. We identify global best practices and implement them wherever our consulting practice takes us.

Don’t Let Your Information Challenges Become a Liability

We can help.