Privacy Records and Information Management Evaluations

Zasio’s Consulting team offers several different privacy-related services to help you determine how your organization may be impacted by various privacy regulations, or assist with a variety of other privacy-related initiatives.

Records Management Evaluation 

Ensuring your organization is compliant with the different privacy regulations around the globe is a significant undertaking that requires time and resources. We can help you determine which of your organization’s activities are affected by which regulations and create a proactive plan to become compliant and stay that way. Regulations we specialize in include: GDPR, CCPA, CRPA, and more!

Other Privacy Offerings

  • Personal Information Inventory and Mapping
  • Records Retention Schedule Privacy Assessment and Review
  • Jurisdictional Minimum/Maximum Legal Research
  • RIM/IG Related Privacy Policy Reviews
  • Privacy Incident Response Planning/Process
  • Subject Assess and Deletion Request Process
  • Privacy Risk Assessment

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