Zasio’s record management consultant team are experts at solving enterprise pain points is our specialty. We offer solution-focused guidance on records information management, technology strategies, compliance, and risk. Our record consultants are well versed in state and federal compliance regulations.


General Counsel / Director, Consulting Division

Soo is responsible for overseeing all aspects of Zasio’s legal affairs. His principal areas of focus are: negotiation of licensing agreements, consulting agreements, NDAs, and other commercial contracts; counseling on employment matters; advising on intellectual property issues; and providing strategic guidance to the company’s senior executive team.

Travis Futas

Travis S. Futas, HCISPP

Associate General Counsel

Travis specializes in healthcare services and privacy, and his legal background is in health law, corporate law, and regulatory compliance. In addition to his role in the Consulting Division, Travis serves as Associate General Counsel and is responsible for supporting our General Counsel with Zasio’s legal affairs.


Rick Surber, CRM

Senior Analyst / Licensed Attorney

Rick Surber is an experienced team leader in domestic and international legal retention research and its application to client enterprise record retention schedules, which he also helps to develop.  Rick has been a part of the Consulting team at Zasio since 2009 and heads the Research division.


Jennifer Chadband, CRA, ECMp

Senior Analyst / Licensed Attorney

Jennifer has extensive experience in corporate retention schedule development, with a focus on legal, operational compliance, and risk minimization. Her expertise in records and information management in the financial services and pharmaceuticals industries is an invaluable asset to the Consulting team. She also brings a broad knowledge and understanding of relevant domestic and international laws as they apply to client industries.


Jared Walker

Senior Analyst / Licensed Attorney

Since 2013, Jared has acted as the curator extraordinaire for Zasio’s legal research database. Aside from expanding the database through new domestic and international research, he focuses on maintaining the currency, technical accuracy, and substantive relevancy of the existing citations.


Frank Fazzio, IGP, CRM

Analyst / Licensed Attorney

Frank possesses broad knowledge of international financial services and banking, and his legal background is focused on corporate law, regulatory compliance, bankruptcy, and securities.  Frank’s responsibilities include performing in-depth research on jurisdiction-specific financial services laws and regulations, and advising on application of retention requirements to client record systems.


Whitney Nelson

Research Assistant / Licensed Attorney

Whitney provides research assistance for legal citations in Zasio’s legal database for the Consulting team to use as they apply retention laws to client retention schedules. In this role, Whitney helps ensure current and accurate information reaches Zasio’s clients.

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