We can be your partner in success

Zasio is an industry leader in record keeping maintenance software. Maintaining an effective records and information management program requires support. We partner with our clients on projects and use our expertise to relieve internal bandwidth challenges and deliver outcomes on a timely basis.

E-discovery Support

The volume of data you retain and decisions you make about how to retain them can lead to a burdensome and expensive discovery process in the event of litigation. The cost and time associated with eDiscovery can turn a minor dispute into a significant burden. By implementing a comprehensive information governance policy your business can reduce its legal exposure and streamline the process of eDiscovery. And we’ll be right behind you every step of the way.

Information Growth Management

Data generates at immense rates and is costly to store and maintain. Further, the retention of unnecessary data, or data in a non-searchable format, leads to legal exposure. By implementing Information Governance initiatives, you can be confident in what you have, where it is, and when to get rid of it. Plus, with us as your trusted partner, you can call on us to help you decide how to manage information as it grows.

Research Support

A myriad of laws and regulations make identifying legal retention requirements a daunting task. Our analysts have researched more than 120 countries, identifying over 100,000 U.S. domestic and international legal retention, handling and format requirements. Our experience is your advantage. We’re here researching new laws and regulations full-time.

Don’t Let Your Information Challenges Become a Liability

We can help.