Is your records management program working?

We’ve developed an evaluation methodology to assess both program quality and effectiveness. We take critical components of records and information management into consideration to identify areas of improvement related to your goals and objectives. With this research, we can recommend practical record management assessment programs specific to your organization.

Financial & Cost Justification

We can perform financial analysis to determine the cost-benefits of deploying a records management solution and find the simplest and most cost-effective solution for you. This type of study includes performing cost justification analysis, including return on investment and computation of pay-back periods, discounted cash flow, and other cost justification methodologies.

Safeguarding Protected Information

Data breaches and improper handling of personal information can cause irreparable damage to your business’ reputation and trigger significant fines and other sanctions. As the body of privacy laws continue to grow, the importance of managing personal information becomes more and more critical. Let us evaluate your current program and identify how you can ensure best practices to reduce the likelihood and severity of a breach.

Social Media & Collaborative Tools

Social media platforms and collaborative tools continue to grow in the business environment and present retention challenges and security risks. We can help you identify areas you might have overlooked and ensure they are part of your overall records management and retention strategy.

Don’t Let Your Information Challenges Become a Liability

We can help.