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If left unaddressed, complex IG practices can lead to non-compliance, increased risk, escalated costs, and program inefficiencies. We strategically identify ways to streamline and simplify complex processes and administrative burdens. We’ll focus on what really matters: simplicity for success.

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Maintaining an effective records and information management program requires support. We partner with our clients on projects and use our expertise to relieve internal bandwidth challenges and deliver outcomes on a timely basis.

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We’ve developed an evaluation methodology to assess both program quality and effectiveness. We take critical components of records and information management into consideration to identify areas of improvement related to your goals and objectives and recommend practical solutions.

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Innovative guidance on best records management practices.


The legal landscape is constantly evolving with heavy impact on the records and information. We not only stay up to date on industry trends but offer guidance and formulate best practices catered to meet your needs.

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Don’t Let Your Information Challenges Become a Liability

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Services in Demand

GDPR Records Management Evaluation

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) imposes sweeping privacy protection requirements on any entities that oversee personal data operations or process personal data of EU residents. Readying your company for compliance with the GDPR is a significant undertaking that requires substantial time and resources. We can help you create a proactive plan to determine which of your enterprise’s activities affect the personal data of EU persons.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Records Management Evaluation.
Zasio data mapping to determine which data needs protection and where that data is located.

Data Mapping

You can’t protect personal data if you don’t know where it is. We can conduct a survey of all data that resides on your systems. This will allow you to determine which data needs protection and where that data is located.

Retention Schedule Simplification

Retention schedules are the linchpin of a sound and legally defensible records management program. Each retention schedule must be designed to provide robust coverage of business operations while keeping simplicity in mind. This serves two purposes: to encourage adoption and to foster a culture of adherence within the organization. We can conduct interviews with key stakeholders to identify records and merge multiple retention schedules into one functional and process-oriented retention schedule.

Retention schedule simplification designed to provide robust coverage of business operations.

Legal Research Services

Identify Legal Retention Requirements

A myriad of laws and regulations make identifying legal retention requirements a daunting task. Our analysts have researched more than 140 countries, identifying over 100,000 domestic and international legal retention, handling, and formatting requirements, and we’re always updating our database of citations.

Active Citations

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Are you GDPR Ready?

We can help identify records that may be generated under the GDPR.