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NEW Case Study: City of Kodiak, AK

The City of Kodiak, serves more than 6,000 residents in Kodiak, Alaska. In 2003, the City Clerk started to work on a comprehensive management system at the direction of the City Council. They were in need of a solution that could consolidate processes and manage their electronic and physical records efficiently. In 2005, an independent consultant working with the City Clerk recommended Zasio for the company’s robust technology solution offerings that addressed each of the outlined needs. Since the start of the partnership, the two entities have implemented a solution that takes into consideration the intricate needs of the growing City.

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2016 ZTalksNews Post Dec - Data Breach Living Wills
New Feature Article

Data Breach Living Wills: Information Theft Response and Recovery Plans

The average total organizational cost of a data breach in the United States in 2015 was $6.8 million. In addition to the upfront expenses, the damage to an organization’s reputation and goodwill can be immense and long-lasting. Don’t wait to craft a response until you realize your security has been compromised. Instead, draft a “living will” in advance that maps out the procedures and steps to take so you can mount an effective response and get back to business.

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IG Intersect: At the Intersection of Interaction Conference

IG Intersect is a Conference bringing Information Governance experts together to cover must-know topics. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear experts speak on crucial subjects such as:

  • How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the Way We Work and Play
  • How to Manage Email in your Organization to Meet Legal and Regulatory Obligations
  • How to Bridge the Gap Between Retention and Privacy in Information Management
  • How Office 365 Impacts Your Organization
  • What Cyber Security Methods to Use in Information Governance
  • How to Identify the Risks of Not Taking Risks
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Customers that Trust Zasio


“As a public utility, our company is required to conform to local, state, and federal laws, as well as Utility Commissions requirements in several states. Zasio’s extensive experience and exhaustive research helped us to more clearly and simply define our retention requirements. Additionally, their reputation in the industry enabled our company to comfortably outsource the responsibility of the research and updates, therefore reducing resources required in-house…”

LeAnne Foster
Southwest Gas Corporation

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